December 2023 is full of surprises from the perspective of online streaming channels. In this month various good-to-watch movies and TV series coming on different streaming channels.

So, start your month by watching the new thriller movie “May December”. The story of the movie is different from the normal dramas.

Like its name, May December, May in which hotness covers the earth and people require ACs and coolers to relax themselves. On the other hand, December is a month of snow and cold. People love to sit in a blanket and enjoy hot food.

The two seasons are far apart from each other similarly in the May December movie two different age group persons come together and tie up in a marriage relationship.

Why do the two different age group persons come together? What happened in the movie? To know about it, check the details mentioned below.

May December: Plot

The story of the movie focuses on a 36-year-old Gracie. In a 1992 tabloid scandal, Gracie was caught in a pet shop, having sex with his son classmate named Joe Yoo, who is just 13 years old.

After the incident, Gracie served a prison sentence. She also registered as a sex offender in Georgia.

Twenty-three years later, Gracie and Joe married each other and they have three young children. Out of them, one is in college named Honor, and two twin brothers and sisters, Charlie and Mary have almost completed high school graduation.

In 2015, Elizabeth Berry, a beautiful young actress entered their life. Elizabeth is playing the role of Gracie in a movie so she came to Georgia to know about her better.

She starts living with them and has deep conversations with Gracie about their lifestyle, their upbringing, and their relationship with Joe.

Elizabeth studied them deeply, she went to the place where Gracie and Joe were caught and also talked to the shop owner about this.

She also has some conversations with Gracie’s children and Joe.

While learning about Gracie, she feels attracted to Joe and also comes to know some deep secrets behind the beautiful relationship.

The movie has various gripping scenes and dialogues that shock the audience for a moment.

To know every detail of the crispy thriller drama, start streaming the movie now.

What is the new thriller movie based on?

May December is based on the story of Burch and Alex Mechanik. It’s loosely inspired by the life story of a teacher named Mary Kay Letourneau.

Mary in 1997 arrested for having sex with a 6th grade student whose age was just 12 at that time.

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Where to watch the movie?

The thriller drama will be released on Friday, December 1, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel Netflix to watch and download.

The movie is first premiered at the Cannes Festival on May 20, 2023, and released in the United States on November 17, 2023.

If you have its subscription then start streaming the movie now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and without ads costs $15.49 per month. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

May December: Cast

Directed by Todd Hynes, the cast of the movie has a superb team of actors and actresses who performed excellently in the movie.

Julianne Moore as Gracie Atherton-Yoo, the 36-year-old woman who was involved in a nationwide tabloid scandal in 1992.

Charles Melton as Joe Yoo, the husband of Gracie, and is too young for her in the age.

Natalie Portman as Elizabeth Berry, an actress who comes to research about the Gracie life and the 1992 scandal.

Piper Curda as Honor Atherton-Yoo, son of Gracia who has completed his college.

Elizabeth Yu as Mary Atherton-Yo, daughter of Gracia and twin sister of Charlie.

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