Kids’ favorite animated series “Not Quite Narwhal” is back with more cute adventures and fun with a little unicorn cum narwhal named Kelp.

The first season of the series gained lots of love and appreciation from the audience. It contains almost 27 episodes which kids to watch with their family and friends.

The first season of the series follows the life of a cute unicorn named Kelp. Kelp spent his life considering himself as a Narwhal.

But one day has changes a cute his life and he comes to know that he is not a narwhal, he is actually a unicorn. Now he was excited to explore the two worlds, land and ocean.

Based on Jessica Sima, Not Quite Narwhal book, the series season one shows the adventure of Kelp on the land. Here he makes friends who tell him about the sky, clouds, magic, rainbows, and others.

Now the second season will come up with more new adventures of Kelp. The little unicorn is exploring the exciting worlds with their friends and Narwhal family.

To know more about this new season, check the details of the cute animated series 2024, mentioned below.

Not Quite Narwhal Season 2: Plot

After the exciting first season, now it’s time to enjoy the second interesting season episodes of the series.

In this new season, Kelp is juggling with the worlds to explore. He is discovering mysterious sea sculptures, playing an exciting game of Sparks Ball, or enjoying a special visit from the Great Grandicorn, Kelp and his friends always follow their curiosity.

They’ll even get to meet a snow unicorn named Dambi and a two-horned narwhal named Barb, embracing the magic of what makes everyone unique, on land and in the sea!

The new season has various mysteries and life lessons that kids love to watch and learn new things.

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How many episodes does the new season of the kid’s fantasy series have?

The first season of the series is a complete pack of 27 episodes and each episode is 27 minutes long.

Now the second season of the animated kids’ drama is a journey of 15 episodes which you watch on your favorite channel.

Where to watch this kid’s series?

The new episodes of this new kid’s series are available on the online streaming channel Netflix from January 22, 2024, Monday.

If you have its subscription then start streaming the new action-packed movie now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and $15.49 per month without ads. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

Who is the cast of the new series?

Based on the New York Times bestseller Jessica Sima’s book, the series is co-produced by Brian K. Roberts, Nakia Trower Shuman, and Sarah Katin.

In this new season, the voice cast of the series includes various old names from season one and some new names.

Nevin Kar as Kelp, a little cute sea creature who always thinks he is a Narwhal or a Unicorn. But later he finds, he is a unicorn.

Lucy Lowe as Scallop, Ryan Lopez as Cruz, Scarlett Kate Ferguson as Pixie, Sasha Knight as Ollie, and Mixie Chen as Juniper.

The guest cast includes Matt Yang King as Dad Tuskington and Crabby, Weston Mangles as Theo, James Monroe Iglehart as Chef Jinglehooves, Kevin Dunn as Mr. Pearly, Sally Struthers as Mrs. Polydopoulos, and Yvette Nicole Brown as Great Great Grandicorn.       

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