Beyonce is one of the most popular and talented artists worldwide. She is not just a singer; she is an actress, song writer, dancer and a producer.

Recently the singer is talking part in the live movie “lion king” produced by Disney. Her role is Nala; Simba’s lover.

We all know that Nala has one song in the movie which is “can you feel the love tonight?” and since Beyonce is the one doing Nala’s role then that means that she is the one who is going to sing it!!!!

We can’t wait to hear it since we know that a great singer is going to perform it, with her unique voice.

One of the reasons that are making us impatient to hear this song is that her majestic voice made a super star actor cry!

That has really happened; queen bey’s voice reduced a full grown man into tears.

Billy Eichner (Timon)

Billy Eichner is an actor that is chosen to voice Timon heard Queen bey blasting out the song and that actually made him cry.

He also added that this song wasn’t one of his favorites even though he loves Elton Jones.

We can’t wait to watch the live movie nor hear Beyonce’s song.

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Last Update: March 31, 2019