The trend of working 9-5 has taken a backseat since the coming of freelancers who after mastering in a skill provide services in it. The most basic examples being blog writing, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, etc. In many cases what started as a ‘SIDE GIG’ becomes a main source of income to many turning it into a full-fledged profession. Earning an alternative source of income is not that complicated and if you are in for it you can earn a few bucks. All you need to know is the skill set you are willing to offer! If you are seeking to earn from side gigs, take a look at these options below. These are the real and easy ways to earn money online and quickly!


Starting a blog is one way to earn additional income. If you are passionate about something expressing, it through the use of words is a good way to engage the attention of the audience. Your topics can range from fashion, music, entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, travel to even love for dogs.

  • Make sure that you are providing information that is authentic and captivating.
  • Always try to bring something fresh on the table related to that topic. For example, if you are writing about fashion then maybe you can diversify a bit by talking about its effect on culture rather than just focusing on the glam and trends.
  • Use visuals to explain your context. Visuals are always much more appealing and grab attention.

You must also remember that starting a blog and creating an audience on it requires time, effort, and patience. Unlike earning through freelance writing it won’t be easy to earn at the start. Your blog is your brand and to spread to the masses it would demand consistency!


 If you know something and have acquired expertise in it, sharing your knowledge among the masses is a way you can earn too.  Sites like Chegg Tutors, allow you to teach students. You can teach English, Accounts or any subject you are well-versed in. Also, if you don’t have a strong academic bend and are more towards other activities like music you can teach that as well. Teach piano or any other instrument you are expert in.


If you have some stuff like books, clothes, or even old utensils which you don’t wish to use further you can always sell them. Sites like EBay, Amazon are highly recommended to sell such things. Not only would it help you earn money but you are also providing someone with something they might need.


If you have a hold-in writing and find it easy to use words as a means of expression you can easily end up earning money through this skill. A lot of times people require writers who can narrate a story among their audience that grabs attention and delivers their message too.

To be a freelance writer, you need to be good in-

  • Communication
  • Using the right words that deliver the message
  • Have persuasive skills 
  • Ability to create precise and engaging content
  • Well-versed with SEO to get maximum traffic

A freelance writer can offer several services like – 



One of the simplest ways to earn money online is by filling up surveys or sharing your views. It does sound funny to many that how could filling surveys be a source of income, isn’t it? But a lot of companies do require these responses as customer feedback to build upon their products.

To fill up a survey –

1. Sign up– You will need to find a company to sign up with. 

2. Create your profile– Creating a profile is important so that the company knows whether you are fitting the suitable demographic they are targeting or not.

3. Get the surveys– Once the process is completed, you will get notified through mails about the survey available. Sometimes they are instantly available, while sometimes they take time.

4. Take the surveys- Take the surveys and the rewards can be in the form of cash, coupons, rewards, or points.

Some of the best survey sites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, LifePoints, and My Points


Affiliate marketing is a source of side income that is trending a lot right now. It involves marketing brands and businesses by collaborating with them. The promotion happens via a link through a specific affiliate code offered by the affiliate program. Anytime someone buys something through your link, you will be paid for your marketing efforts for that product/service you promoted.


Social Media is a space where every brand and business wants to fit in especially in this era where everything is shifting to Digital. Digital has taken control over Traditional Marketing. It is also being used as a platform to give voice to many brands. Having expertise in managing social media can generate loads of income if you are fluent in it. It is one profession that is highly in demand and can be used as a source to make money online.

Although, it takes alot of time and effort but once you are able to deliver the required results it becomes worth the effort and time invested.

So, above are a few simple ways to make money online quickly and unchallengingly. All you need is the will to put efforts and stay dedicated towards it.