Smartphone is one of the important discoveries in this century. Almost three quarters of the population in the world owns a smartphone today. Currently life would be so boring without having one.

Firstly, thanks to the smartphone, we always have the latest info at our fingerprints daily. We are constantly updated of what is happening around the globe. The communication has been restructured also. In fact, it has paved a way to text messaging, video chat, video call and apps that allow people to communicate globally.

We cannot overlook the importance of goggle maps a feature in smartphones. Currently no one gets lost for not knowing the direction to go. For instance an Algerian migrant Reda Zerrouki has relied on his phone to get him to Europe. The number of smartphone users across the globe is expected to top three billion this year. Devices like Zerrouki’s are offering many a lifeline to a more hopeful future.

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More so, the smartphones aid in educating. They are integrated with mobile browsers that enable the owners to research through the internet and access the information easily, learners can watch educational clips and also surf to the internet and search any topic and access all the information the require.

To add on, in this selfie generation people no longer have to buy cameras to take photos and videos since the device is equipped with best camera. The owners can also be entertained using their smartphones through games, music, movies and books.

Last but not least, smartphones can create problems. People no longer interact with people outside as they spend more time on their smartphones. Children are finding it easy to access pornographic materials that contribute to moral decay among the youthful generation. Careful and controlled use is therefore encouraged. Otherwise, it can turn into an addiction accompanied with serious social and immoral behaviors. Proper use of the device makes it an essential device in our daily lives.

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Last Update: May 27, 2019