The Witcher Blood Origin- Everything About The New Netflix Series

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The Witcher Blood Origin is the best Christmas gift for the fans of The Witcher which released in 2019.

The Witcher Blood Origin- Prequel Mini Series to the popular Netflix fantasy series The Witcher

The Witcher is one of the greatest hits of Netflix. The fantasy series was first released by Netflix on 2019 and it has gained a lot of popularity worldwide.

The Witcher is a Netflix fantasy series that is based on the novel series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkoswki. Netflix has already released two seasons of the popular fantasy series based on the book series by the renowned Polish writer. The third season of the Netflix is also set to release in 2023. Although the release date of the third season of the popular drama has not been announced yet, fans all over the world are already excited about it.

Owing to the large popularity of The Witcher series of fantasy drama, Netflix has now released a prequel mini series- The Witcher Blood Origin. If you are a fan of the show too, you cannot miss watching this series for it will take you back in time to witness events which took place 1200 years before the main fantasy series.

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When is the release date of The Witcher Blood Origin?

The Witcher Blood Origin is a much awaited prequel to the popular Netflix series. Netflix first announced the making of the prequel mini series in 2020 after looking at the love and attention the first season of the show received.

After years long of waiting for fans, The Witcher Blood Origin is finally out! The show released on December 25 2022. So, the release of the prequel mini series has been like a Christmas gift for all the fans out there.

As already stated, the prequel to the popular fantasy series by Netflix, so the drama will only be of 4 episodes. All the four episodes of the prequel to The Witcher are already out now. So if you are yet to watch the show, you can watch it here on Netflix.

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What is the plot of the prequel series The Witcher Blood Origin?

The Witcher Blood Origin is a much awaited prequel series to the main fantasy series. The story of mini prequel series will take you to a world that is set 1200 years before The Witcher.

The Seven- Group of superheroes as mentioned in The Witcher Blood Origin

In the four episode mini prequel, you will be able to witness the story of the Seven. The Seven refers to a group of heroes. These heroes join forces in order to overthrow the Golden Empire. Their ultimate aim is to bring about the Conjunction of the Spheres.

You will also be able to explore how the ancient Elven civilization was before it perished. As the name suggests, The Witcher Blood Origin will also give you a sneak peek into the origin story of Eredin. Eredin is the leader of Wild Hunt.

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Yes, Netflix released quite a number of trailers to give us a sneak peek into the prequel mini series to The Witcher. Although the trailers of the mini prequel series do not give away much about the series, we can safely assume that it is going to give us a thrilling and action packed watching experience.
The trailer released by Netflix also gave us a look at the group of superheroes- The Seven. Here are the trailers for the prequel mini series for you:

Official trailer

Official teaser trailer of the prequel mini series

Post credits teaser of the Witcher Blood Origin

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The Witcher Blood Origin released on December 25 as the perfect Christmas gift for the fans of the fantasy series. The cast of the mini series includes a number of great actors.

Sophia Brown is playing the role of Eile in the prequel series to The Witcher. Eile is a soldierof the Queen’s guard. Eile leaves in order to become a traveling musician in the series.
Minee Mais is portraying the role of young Eile.

Laurence O’Fuarain is playing the role Fjall. Fjall was born from a clan of warriors. This clan has pledged to guard the king. But Fjall refuses to do so and sets out in search of retribution instead.

Michelle Yeoh is playing the role of Scian. Scian is the only remaining member of a nomadic tribe of sword-elves. She is on a quest to recover a weapon or blade which was stolen from her tribe.

Mirren Mack is playing the role of Merwyn in the prequel mini series.
Jacob Collins Levy is portraying the role of Eredin.
Joey Batey is playing the role of Jaskier.
Zach Wyatt is portraying the role of Syndril in The Witcher Blood Origin.
Other cast members of the prequel includes
Lizzie Annis, Lenny Henry, Amy Murray, Huw Novelli among many others.

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