There are various Indian web series available on various streaming giants such as Voot Select, ZEE5, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar, to watch and download. But only a few Indian series is the one about which the rest of the world talk and appreciated.

2020 is the year in which various good Indian movies and shows released on streaming giants related to various genres, out of which, only a few of them gain huge love and appreciation. Here we mention the top 10 Indian web series of 2020, along with their watch online details. So, get ready to go on the roller-coaster ride of fun and enjoyment.


Watch at: Amazon Prime Video

Adaptation of Bengali’s novel “Golper Goru Channde”, “Afsos” highlights several good points such as the importance of life, specter of death and price of immortality.

The story of the series focuses on a boy name Nakul whose main aim of life is to finish it. He attempts suicide several times but failed. Finally, he pays for his death; he hires a deadly assassin name Upadhyay to get this job done. But after time, his heart changes and he decides to live but the story takes a twist when he comes to know that Upadhyay never leaves a job undone. Then a cat and mouse fight starts.

Code M 

Watch at: ZEE5

Jennifer Winget’s starring, Indian series of 2020 “Code M” is directed and developed by Akshay Choubey and Ekta Kapoor.

The ZEE5 original series focuses on Indian Army Lawyer Monica Mehta, who uncovers a conspiracy plot during her investigation of a military encounter case. It explores mystery about how after investigation the case brings forth several revelations that send ripples through the entire Indian Army.


Watch at: Netflix

Netflix’s original series “She” highlights new age sentiment. The Indian crime series show the empowered woman and gender dynamics.

Created by Imtiaz Ali, the series shows the story of a female constable who goes undercover to nab an elusive drug trade kingpin. It shows the complete transformation of a reserved, awkward woman.

State of Siege 26/11

Watch at: ZEE5

Based on journalist Sandeep Unnithan’s book Black Tornado: The Three Sieges of Mumbai 26/11, the new series of 2020 “State of Siege 26/11” is a superb action-packed drama.

The web series covers the shocking incident of Indian history 2008 Mumbai terror. It presents the attack details from the NSG commando’s perspective and how they manage to neutralize the terrorist and their plans.

The Forgotten Army: Azaadi ke liye

Watch at: Amazon Prime Video

The new Amazon Prime Indian Series of 2020 highlight the untold stories of the freedom fighters who sacrifice their life for the independence of the country.

Adaptation of 1999 documentary and true events, the new series focuses on the Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj) which was made by Indian POWs, who were captured after the fall of Singapore.

Marzi: A Game of Lies

Watch at: Voot Select

Set in Shimla, Marzi: A Game of lies is an interesting series that has a compelling storyline and great characters.

The six-episode series focuses on Dr. Anurag and school teacher Sameera, who go on a date but a night, change everything in their life. The lies are revealed and the truth is tested when both of them have a different version of the night.

Special Ops

Watch at: Hotstar

Based on the role of the Indian Intelligence agency in a series of terror attacks that take place in India within the last 19 years, the spy thriller India series of 2020 covers all important incidents that take place at that time.

From the 2001 Parliament attack to 2006 Mumbai attacks and from 2008 Mumbai attacks to the 2016 Kashmir attacks, the series focuses on all national terror attacks that take place in the last nineteen years. It’s center on senior analyst and logistic Head of Research and Analysis Wing “Himmat Singh” who is determined to find out the mastermind [nineteen-year-old boy Ikhlaq Khan] behind all these attacks.

Asur- Welcome to your dark side

Watch at: Voot Select

Voot Select original 2020 Indian series “Asur- Welcome to your dark side” touches various themes deeply rooted within the Indian mythologies.

The top-rated series show two opposing worlds against each other. It’s center on two forensic experts who trap in a cat and mouse game with a serial killer, who kills for his belief. It contains a precise and edgy storyline that you may not foresee.

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega 

Watch at: Netflix

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega is the best Indian web series of 2020, written by Trishant Srivastava and Nishank Verma.

The ten-episode Netflix original series focuses on the investigation of cybercrimes-primarily phishing that takes place in the underdeveloped district of Jharkhand, six hours away from the capital Ranchi.

Judgement Day

Watch at: ZEE5

The crime Indian series of 2020 “Judgement Day” covers an important issue that is affecting the society deeply. The latest web series focuses on two sisters, out of which one is a lawyer and another one, is a teenager studying in college. Both come to Kolkata for a visit. But an incident changed their entire lives.