Are you wondering how to use ChatGpt on your Android phone? Read on to find how you can use the popular AI chatbot on your android device in 2023.

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How to use ChatGpt on your Android phone in 2023?

ChatGpt is one of the most trending terms on the internet recently. The newly released AI powered chat bot by OpenAI has been talk of the town and people all over the world can’t stop discussing about this trending tech development. As the popularity of the trending AI chatbot is increasing day by day, more and more people are looking for ways to make use of the advanced chat bot on their mobile phones.

Are you wondering how to use ChatGpt on your Android phone too? If yes, read on to find how you can use the trending AI chatbot on your Android device in 2023.

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Can we download ChatGpt on Android phone?

If you have been curious about ChatGpt and have been wanting to use it on your Android device then you must be already aware that as of now there is no official app of the AI powered chat bot available on the Play Store. And since you cannot find any official ChatGpt app on the Play Store, there is no way you can download the trending AI technology on your Android phone. So does this mean that you cannot use ChatGpt on you Android mobile phone?

Although there is no official app for the trending AI chatbot, you can still use it by ensuring that your device meets certain prerequisites. The first requirement for using ChatGpt on your android phone is to have an Open AI account.

You need an Open AI account in order to use ChatGpt. It is very easy to set up an Open AI account and it is also completely free of cost. You can simply go to the ChatGpt website and sign up for an account. During the process, you will need to provide a valid phone number for verification and once you have signed up, you can start using ChatGPT on your Android phone. This sign up process can be done on your PC or even your mobile device, making it even more convenient. With an Open AI account, you will be ready to use and enjoy all the benefits of the AI powered chat bot on your Android phone.

The other prerequisite for using the powerful AI chatbot on your Android device is to have a fully updated web browser. Since there is no app for using the chat bot on mobile phones, you will have to use the AI powered chat bot on Google Chrome so make sure that the web browser functions well.

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Step by Step Guide on How to use ChatGpt on you Android mobile in 2023?

After creating an Open AI account and updating your Chrome browser, follow the below steps to use ChatGpt on your Android device:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device. Type into the search bar to access the official ChatGpt website.
  2. After opening the official website, click on “Try ChatGPT” option located on the screen. You could find the button at the top of the page or might have to scroll down to find it. There could also be times when you will directly be directed to the next step as mentioned below.
  3. Since this is the first time you are trying to use ChatGpt on your Android device, you will not be already signed in to your Open AI account which you will need to do so to access ChatGPT. So, tap the “Log in” button on the screen and then enter your email address and password. Once you enter the details, tap “Continue” to sign in.
  4. A brief disclaimer regarding the tool will now appear on your screen. Simply press “Next,” then “Done” to access the powerful AI chatbot.
  5. After following the above mentioned steps, you are now ready to use ChatGpt on you Android device. You could use the AI powered chat bot to engage in various conversations and learn whatever you want with the help of the trending AI powered language model by Open AI.

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Steps to Create a shortcut to the AI powered chat bon on your Android phone

Although accessing ChatGpt on your mobile is simple, it can be time-consuming to keep opening the browser every time. So, creating a shortcut for ChatGpt on your home screen can save you time and effort, making it more convenient to access the app whenever you need it. Here are the steps following which you can create ChatGpt shortcut on your Android device in 2023:

  1. Tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner in Chrome and select “Add to Home screen.”
  2. Then rename the page to ChatGpt and touch the “Add” button following which the web page will be converted into a widget. Then touch on the “Add to home screen button.”
  3. You will now see a ChatGpt shortcut on your home screen which you can click whenever you want to quickly access the AI chatbot on your Android phone.

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