Love watch rom-com Kdramas? If yes, King The Land is a must watch for you! Find out where to watch King the Land for free right now.

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Kdramas– Where to watch King the land for free online right now?

Korean dramas have been soaring in popularity in recent years. From Boys Over Flowers to Squid Game, Kdramas have become a beloved source of entertainment for viewers all around the world. King The Land is one of the latest Korean drama releases that has been trending globally.

Starring Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ha, two of the most beloved K-pop idols of all time, this romance K-drama will make you fall in love with their chemistry. Read on to uncover all about the plot, cast, and also where to watch King the Land for free right now.

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What is King The Land all about?

Directed by Chun Sung Il (All of Us Are Dead, The Pirates, etc), King The Land is a sweet rom-com series that will make you want to fall in love again. Set in present day Korea, the plot of this trending Korean drama centers around the love story between a Chaebol (rich heir) and a normal employee. Gu Won is a rich and handsome heir of one of the Korea’s largest companies that runs everything from luxurious hotels, to airlines. Born and brought up in an rich family, Gu Won (played by Lee Jun Ho of 2PM) has always lived a luxurious life. On the other hand, Cheon Sa Rang (played by Im Yoon Ah of Girls Generation) has struggled up her way as the best hotel concierge of the King Hotel despite being looked down on by others for having only a two year college degree.

Despite their differences and initial clashes, Gu Won and Sa Rang soon find themselves falling in love with each other. With sweet banters here and there, King The Land is one of the top rom com Kdramas releases of 2023 so far. With its cute and engaging plot and amazing chemistry between the main leads, King The Land will melt your heart right away!

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How many episodes are there in the trending Korean drama?

There are a total of 16 episodes in the trending Kdrama series, King the Land. The first episode of the popular Korean drama released on June 17, 2023 and its final episode will air on August 6. The duration of each episode of the Korean rom com series ranges between 60 minutes to 85 minutes.

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Who is in the cast of the King the Land?

With a star studded cast, King The Land is one of the most popular Korean dramas right now that you must add to your watch list right away!

Lee Jun Ho plays the role of Gu Won, rich and dashing heir and head manager of King Hotel. Gu Won hates people smiling as he feels smiles are a mask that hide people’s insincerity.

Im Yoon Ah plays the role of Cheon Sa Rang, a hard working and passionate conceirge at the King Hotel. She is the best talent of King Hotel and is loved for her pretty smile.

Kim Seon Young as Goo Hwa Ran, the evil half sister of Gu Won and the director of King Hotel.

Ahn Se Ha plays the role of Noh Sang Sik, the loyal secretary and only friend of Gu Won in the trending Korean drama.

Go Won Hee plays the role of Oh Pyung Hwa, a flight attendant of King Air and Sa Rang’s room mate.

Kim Ga Eun plays Kang Da Eul, Sa Rang’s best friend and a working mother at King Group’s duty free store.

Kim Young Ok plays the role of Cha Soon Hee, Sa Rang’s grandmother and only alive relative.

Son Byong Ho plays the role of Goo Il Hoon, the chairman of the King Group of Companies.

Nam Gi Ae plays the role of Han Mi So, Gu Won’s birth mother in the rom com kdrama.

Other cast members of King The Land include Kim Jae Won, Gong Ye Ji, Kim Jung Min, Choi Ji Hyun, Lee Hae Seok and Lee Ji Hye among others.

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Where to watch King the Land for free right now?

With Im Yoon Ah and Lee Jun Ho starrer Kdrama trending all over the internet, a very important question has been rising all around and that is “where to watch King the Land for free?” Well if you have been wondering about it too then we’ve got you!

If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can watch all the episodes of King The Land on the popular streaming platform. However, if you do not have a Netflix plan, you can still enjoy watching the sweet rom com series for free on Hitv. Hitv is a popoular online streaming platform with amazing collection of Asian dramas and luckily, you can find all the episodes of the star studded romance drama in it with English subtitles.

Watch it on HiTv for free right now

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Last Update: August 5, 2023