Fantasy fiction is a genre through which we all relate. We all hear various fairy tales and stories, read magical books, and have a beautiful imaginary world inside us. 

This genre helps us to connect with the world that we imagine we should live in—surrounded by beautiful things, filled with fun and enjoyment, fully magical, fairy tale type. 

The series and movies related to the fantasy fiction genre are the best to live in that world. If you also love the magical world of fiction things, then check the blog below. It contains all the best fantasy fiction series that you love to enjoy on Christmas week with your family and children. 

House of Dragon

House of Dragon, a fantast fiction series is based on parts of Martin’s 2018 book “Fire and Blood”.

Set 200 years before the interesting events of the famous series Game of Thrones, this fantasy drama focuses on the events that show the starting of the fall of House Targaryen. 

House Targaryen means a devasting war of succession known as the Dance of Dragons. 

The first season of this famous HBO series has gained huge popularity and people are eagerly waiting for its next one. 

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Trollhunters: Tales of Arcade

Netflix’s famous fantasy fiction series “Trollhunters: Tales of Arcade” is a perfect example of a dreamy world in which we protect people from evils through magical powers. 

This interesting series story focuses on a boy named Jim. Jim becomes a hero with extraordinary powers after he finds a mysterious amulet. He becomes a troll hunter who protects humans and trolls from dangerous powers. 

Featuring ghosts, goblins, trolls, and swords, it is a must-watch series with three seasons released yet. 

The Dragon Prince

In the starting, as we say, fantasy fiction simply relates us to magic or a magical world. The Dragon Prince series story is somewhat related to the same concept. 

In this story, apart from normal magic source such as the sun, moon, star, earth, ocean, and sky, a different and dangerous new magic known as “Dark Magic” start capturing the whole magical world of Xadia. 

Therefore, a war is started to protect the people and restore peace to the place. 

The four seasons of this magical drama are, released is available on your favorite network Netflix

The Bastard Son and the Devil himself

The popular fantasy fiction series “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself” is based on the Sally Green novel Half Bad. 

The story of this drama focused on a boy named Nathan Byrne. Nathan is the illegitimate son of the world’s dangerous witch who is responsible for lots of deaths. 

Therefore, Nathan for the last 17 years has been observed by Fairborn witches. But when the chaos between the Fairborn witches and bloody witches increased, it became the biggest problem for Nathan. 

He tries to protect his life and start alliances with his fellow people. At the same time, he tries to learn about himself. 

I dream of Jeannie

We all heard about magical pots in our childhood days. Amazon Prime video story is making the imaginary story, a real one. 

I Dream of Jeannie as its name implies is a fantasy fiction series based on the above-mentioned concept. 

It is the story of an astronaut Tony who finds a bottle on the beach. When he opens the bottle, a beautiful Persian-speaking girl Jeannie comes out from it. Tony wishes her to speak in English and she accepts it and starts speaking English. 

Tony requests for a helicopter to rescue him from the place and in the blink, she does that. 

He leaves the bottle and gets out of the place but Jeannie falls in love with Tony at first sight and decides to go with him. She re-entered the bottle, rolled it in Tony’s bag, and reached his home. 

What magical adventures did Jeannie have in Tony’s house? Check out every interesting point of Five Seasons’ beautiful journey on Prime video. 

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Last Update: December 18, 2023