Today I’m gonna go back in time and review an old anime ” emma a victorian romance”, some of you may know it and some still don’t.

I’ll try to review without spoiling the anime.

“Emma a victorian romance ” was released in 2005 and the 2nd season was released in 2007 and I’ll be reviewing the 2 seasons together.

The story

The story is happening in 19th century so if you are a lover of this century just like me then you will love it.

Our heroin is Emma a maid working at an old teacher home since she was a 15 year old young girl and one day an old former student from a rich a family came to visit his teacher and then he fell in love with our beautiful maid at first sight XD.

The situation is clear to be tough for our couple and it seems that they won’t realise that till late hour when William’s dad made it clear for his son and emma that things can’t work out between them in indirect manner and that was a smart move.

For the 2nd act we are following the rest of the story and what is happening between our couple.

The genre : romance, drama, historical and slice of life.

The opening and endings themes

The beginning and ending in both season are interesting as you can see how the day begins and people get ready for work and you can follow their daily routine while listening to calming music suitable for the opening of a day.

Graphics & Drawings

The drawing and graphics are good for an old anime but I had this one little problem in the first season that all of the characters have almost similar faces and features and a little diversity between them.

I know that the story is happening in london but it’s not that necessarily that most of the characters should have blond hair.

The drawings of the character were way better in the 2nd season, you can notice the improvement in the drawings and especially in elinor eyes, they weren’t professionally drawn in the the first act.

The plot

First act

The plot for ” emma a victorian romance ” is actually good but not interesting enough to capture your attention during the first 5 episodes of the first season.

I didn’t find it interesting and i wasn’t going to continue watching.

felt that things are going on pretty normal and smoothly but nothing is exciting to push you further to complete watching.

I don’t want to say boring but there was no action or drama while characters were appearing one after another.

anime all episodes

The introduction in first episode was quite charming but not that attractive.

Second act

The episodes was quite interesting and you will be attracted to know what will happen next.

Things were dramatic !!!!

The author was able of create such a normal life drama with little spice in it without things being over dramatic or too boring.

The struggles were tough for them and things weren’t easy but seeing them trying gives you hope.

The first season acted like a long introduction to the 2nd season so you can’t skip watching the first season.

The Characters

I liked the fact that emma our heroin is just a simple girl with normal body ! Not a girl with extraordinary breast that will soon explode or too flat.

Her face features is a normal pretty features; brown eyes and brown hair not with a weird colour so you feel it’s a realistic anime.

She also seems to be pretty propular with men as she have a charming quite character and pretty face.

Mr William jones is our handsome polite and gentle young master.

Hakeem the indian friend of william he is such a handsome attractive man .

Ms kelly stoner is william’s old teacher and the one who brought emma up and taught her reading and writing.

She is a smart eligant character with a sharp mind.

New characters appeared in the 2nd season and each of them played a role in helping emma to decide what to do.

She gained many friends who supports her.

The characters in the 2nd act were much interesting and played an important role in the life of our couple.

Each and every character had a role to play so you can say that all of them were heros.

The ending

For the first season The ending was an open one with nothing to call an ending.

The anime didn’t give us a satisfying ending about what is going to happen to them in the future.

Gladly in the 2nd season we got the answers the unsolved questions in the first season .

In the end we had a satisfying ending which was warm, adorbale and full of feelings.

In my opinion i perefer if there was no first or 2nd season and only one anime with 24 episodes.

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Last Update: March 11, 2024