Our brain is always engaged in doing something or the other. It is continuously working and running. Not having to relax it can over-exert and sometimes even result in forgetfulness, low memory power, difficulty in concentrating, etc. Devoting some time to your brain as you devote to your body is a must. Here are the 8 simple, easy and effective ways to increase your Brain Power which can be put into practice to give your brain a break from the regular hustle because it needs a breather too!

1.    PUZZLES 


Puzzles are a good way to engage the brain in something challenging. Jig-Saw puzzles are mostly recommended. The reason being they help to improve memory, focus, visual-spatial reasoning, and thinking power. It also results in improved problem solving and increases the IQ level. 



Doing a crossword is also recommended. The first and foremost benefit being it helps to improve the vocabulary. It also helps in releasing mental stress. We are always hustling for or towards something. This generates so much stress, tensions, and uneasiness. Playing a crossword can ease you up a bit because you only have one goal to finish the puzzle. It eliminates all the extra noises, helping you concentrate and focus on one thing at a time.

3.    DIET 


A good routine helps you stay active and healthy. Diet definitely plays a key role in it. It supports the short and long-term functioning of the brain. It is always suggested to eat your greens because they not only fuel up the body but the brain too. Food like fish, walnuts, almonds, leafy vegetables also plays a key role in boosting your brain. 


Physical exercise is a must to keep the body moving and regulating. But we usually tend to forget that the brain also needs a certain set of exercises that help to calm and relax it. Doing meditation or Pranayama can moderate the mind for a while.


Benefits of Meditation – 

  • It helps reducing stress and control anxiety
  • It helps you to focus for a while at a stretch
  • Generates positivity
  • Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss
  • Can help fight addictions
  • Helps you get control over not only your mind but body and soul too

5.    MUSIC 


Listening to peaceful music can help to refresh the brain because it acts like a soothing workout for it.  It can reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, slows the pulse and heart rate. Overall it loosens up the brain giving it a peaceful break for some time.

6.   WATER 


Having good and sufficient amounts of water is essential for not only your body but the mind as well. It helps in improving concentration and cognitive skills. The most important function being it removes the toxins and delivers essential nutrients to the brain.


Learning a new skill or even a new language can be equally challenging and exciting for the brain. It indulges the brain to work keeping it mentally fit and active. You can learn new things and understand different concepts. So, the brain is engaging in learning something new that keeps its functioning on-going ensuring the brain cells exercise.

Learning something new also becomes important because if you don’t indulge your brain into something it tends to get weak and lethargic.


Just like learning a new skill helps in exercising the brainpower, the same way teaching a new skill does so. It is also said that by learning or teaching something new the brain forms new connections and neurons. It also makes the existing neural pathways stronger or weaker. The more you learn and feed your brain the more polished and sharp-edged it will become.

These few tips can effectively work to increase your brain power and enhance it. Try it out and see the results.

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Last Update: June 9, 2020