Food is the essential element of our life and a good breakfast meal keeps us healthy and protects us from any kind of disease and viruses.

Good food does not only mean that we eat pizza, burger, samosa, and other fast food items. A healthy and immunity booster meal starts with the morning breakfast. If we eat nutritious and energy-rich breakfast in the morning, it keeps us energetic, the whole day.

Various health experts and doctors also recommend that every age person should eat high protein, vitamins, and fiber-rich food in the morning. It boosts metabolism, maintains body weight, and increases strength and immunity.

But do you know which food you can add to your breakfast?  Check out the list of the list mentioned below. It contains all the good options that you add in your morning breakfast to increase your immunity and keeps yourself healthy.

Eat fiber-rich food


Rich in fiber and low in calories, berries are the best food that you should add in your breakfast meal. It not only provides you energy the whole day but its antioxidants properties protect you from disease and virus attacks. Some other fiber-rich foods that you can add in your breakfast meal are

Oatmeal: Rich in beta-glucan fiber, it lowers the cholesterol level in the body and increases feelings of fullness.

Chia Seeds: Full pack of fiber and antioxidants, chia seeds decrease disease risk.

Flaxseeds: High source of viscous fiber, it decreases sugar level in the body and improves insulin sensitivity.

Fruits: Rich in vitamins, potassium and fiber, fruits provide antioxidants to our body.

Eat protein-rich food


Protein is an important part of the morning meal because it takes time to digest. Adding lean protein such as a mix of unsweetened cereal, plain yogurt, and fresh fruits, makes your morning meal healthy. It also reduces appetite and may aid weight loss. Other good sources of protein that you add in your diet are

Eggs: Good of proteins and nutrients, it not only promotes fullness and but provide some amount of calories to your body.

Cottage Cheese: Improves metabolic rate and increases the feeling of fullness.

Protein shake or smoothie: Protein-rich shake maintains the sugar level of your body and provides energy.

Add Nuts in your breakfast


Nuts are the great source of many nutrients. One ounce of mixed nuts provides Vitamin E, magnesium, Phosphorous, copper, Selenium and various other minerals and vitamins to the body. These are powerhouse of calorie and antioxidants and also help in weight loss.

Add something warm in your meal


A good warm drink in the morning breakfast meal maintains the sugar level of your body and helps in food digestion. If you like, you add Green Tea, it contains an antioxidant, which is good for your brain and nervous system.

Another drink that helps you complete your morning is Coffee. Caffeine lift-up mood level and improves your metabolism and mental performance.

Note: Only liquid does not complete your meal, it is important that you take proper food with it.

Eat breakfast on time

We must eat our morning meal within one hour after wake up. Otherwise, the sugar level of our body decreases and we feel tired, uneasy, and even fall sick.

Take proper time to complete your breakfast

As we all heard, properly chewing food digests easily and improves our immunity system. So, while having a breakfast meal, we must sit properly and eat it. Having food with a relaxed mind, keeps our body energies, the whole day.

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