Many times we left so many important cards and documents at home due to insufficient space in our wallet. But now, you need not handle this problem more, there are various smart wallets available in the market that carry all your things in minimum space.

A Smart wallet plays an integral role in your untidy journey. Its smart measurement, weight, and material increase ample spaces that fit dozens of cards and also increase slots for cash and cards. Its simple and luxurious design makes it trendy and beautiful.

Here we mention seven slim and best wallets for Men in 2020 that easily fit in their pocket and enhance their personality with its different styles.

1. Slim fold Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

An elegantly crafted smart slim fold minimalist wallet gets rid of the everyday carry problems with its slim and sleek design. The material used to make this wallet is not degraded for many years and it is water-proof and machine washable.

Its original size allows managing 20 cards and still slim more than the normal wallets. The deep money pocket holds all your money and even boarding passes. The cards are separated in different stacks so that it is easy to use them. Its RF-ID option protects your wallet from stolen.

2. Magpul Daka Essential Wallet

Magpul Daka Essential Wallet, one of the smart wallets for men 2020 has two different sections; one is used to carry cards while the other is used to put your money. It is made of 4 layers of die-cut reinforced polymer fabric which are RF welded together to create a strong and unique design.

It is extremely durable, tough, chemical resistant and water-proof and carries two cards in a minimum space of 3mm. We can easily place in pocket, bags and any small space.

3. Serman Brands Wallet

Among the various smart wallet for men in 2020, Serman Brands Wallets is the best. Its design is made in such a way that you quickly access your favorite cards and emergency bills. Separate slots are made to carry IDs and gift cards. Its cash slots have a space to carry 8-10 bills and money.

The best part of the Serman Brands Wallet is a smart strap. It is used to access the compact storage pocket in the wallet where less used cards are placed.

4. Parliament Slim Wallet

Another best wallet for Men in 2020 is Parliament Slim Wallet. Its RFID blocking technology protects the wallet against skimming and private data theft.

The wallet has an interesting slider system that provides you instant card access at the tap of a button. Crafted by Dutch designers with premium Dutch/German top grains leather, the wallet has the capacity of more than ten cards. Its RFID proof cardholder block holds 4 to 6 cards depend upon its embossing.

5. Travelambo Front Pocket Thin Wallet with RFID Blocking

Travelambo Front Pocket Thin Wallet is one of the smart and minimum spaces taking wallets of 2020. It’s extremely convenient design and good leather quality makes it durable and easy to carry in front and back pocket.

The best part of this wallet is its RFID technology that blocks RFID signals that are used to electronically scan your wallet as someone passes by unnoticed. It offers six cards placing capacity and money carry space too.

6. Card Blocr Metal Wallet

Slightly bigger than your cards, Card Blocr wallet can carry 4 to 5 credit cards and 4 raised embossed cards up to 6 flat non-embossed cards.

With the modern design, the best wallet of 2020 is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum. It’s one-click action trigger cards slide up cascading but are held securely in the sleeve. Its RFID blocking technique provides extra security and benefits.

7. BSWolf Aluminum Slim Wallet

The last name in the list of best smart wallet for Men 2020 is BSWolf Aluminum Slim Wallet. Best in design, the wallet can be placed in front and back pocket.

It’s RFID Blocking and Money Clip feature blocks RFID skimming devices and save from E-theft. It has different slots to carry cards and cash. Its stylish look and durability make it a good gift option for loved ones.