Be the bigger person has much meaning; it depends on the understanding of a person. In one way, we can understand this, is a way to living life with our own ideals despite giving value to the people who bring us down.

Being the bigger person can also understand as the power to control the anger or not allowing anger overpower you.  It is a way to accept things that happened to you, even if you don’t like a thing or the way it happened to you.

There are various quotes related to “be the bigger person”, here we suggest some more, which you may like.

  • Saying sorry for something is not always mean that you are wrong and another person is right, it just means that you respect your relations more than anything else.
  • How you do things is your karma and how people do things is their karma.
  • Arguing increase our temper and anger, so don’t give value to it, just walk out.
  • Nothing can beat you in this world, but your anger has the power to do that.
  • Positive and negative thoughts always revolving around, it depends upon us which one we choose.
  • You can achieve every good thing in life if you follow the path of ignoring petty people.
  • Life comes out best to you if you learn a lesson of forgiveness.
  • Start accepts the things; the way it is because something changes hurt more.
  • Apologize to someone uplifts your strength and low down your weakness.
  • Always show a positive attitude towards the people; even they don’t deserve it, because it shows your character, not theirs.
  • A mature person is one who has a good attitude and kindness in the heart.
  • When anyone says anything wrong to you, just ignore the situation. Because sometimes silence is better than being right.
  • A person is always judged on the criteria, how he or she treats the person.

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