Do you enjoy watching Netflix reality show? If yes, Physical 100 is that trending reality show on Netflix that you must watch right now!

Physical 100– Top Netflix reality show that you must watch right now!

Korean Netflix reality show has been continuously gaining popularity during the past few years. With the amazing popularity received by both the seasons of Singles Inferno, a new Korean reality show is out on Netflix and it has become one of the top rated reality shows on Netflix ever.

Physical 100 is a Korean reality competition or survival show that is one of the top trending shows on Netflix all over the world. This reality survival series was shot in South Korea and its first episode released on 24 January 2023.

Physical 100 is a name that has been trending for the past few weeks on the internet. And so you must have already heard of it by now. However, if you are new to the show, here is all you need to know about the reality survival show on Netflix:

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What is the premise of Physical 100?

Squid Game is a name that is new to none. The 2021 survival Netflix series broke several records and was watched by viewers from across the world. Squid Game was a great success owing to its unique concept and now Netflix has released a new reality survival show that is being popularly called as the real life Squid Game (of course with no killing involved) all over the internet.

Physical 100 is a very fun and interesting survival show where 100 participants from different walks of life come together and compete with each other for a whopping amount. Remember how the last surviving contestant on Squid Game could take home a large prize money?

Similarly, 100 strong contestants with amazing physique will compete with each other in several one on one competitions, as well as many team challenges in this Korean Netflix reality show. These challenges will require a lot of strength, agility, and most importantly utilizing the right strategies to fight against other strong and deserving contestants.

With amazing cast members that includes several popular faces such as MMA champions, athletes, k-pop back up dancers, athletes and even singers and even more amazing challenges, Physical 100 is a unique survival show that you must watch!

However, if you are still not convinced, here is a trailer of the survival show to help you make your mind!

Watch Physical 100 on Netflix

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How much is the cash prize amount of Physical 100?

Physical 100 is a fight among the fittest. It is a game of strength and strategy and only one person among the 100 ridiculously strong and fit contestants can take away a whopping cash prize of 300 million Won back home after becoming the only survivor of the show. The cash prize of the show amounts to 250,000 U.S. dollars.

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How many episodes are there in the Korean Netflix reality show?

There are a total of 9 episodes in Physical 100. The reality survival show is releasing two new episodes of the survival show every Tuesday. A total of 6 episodes of the competition are already out and you can watch them on Netflix.

However, if you have already binge watched the 6 episodes of the show, here is a good news for you! The 7th and 8th episode of the Netflix reality show will be releasing tomorrow, i.e. on 14 February 2023. So, if you have no date to go out on tomorrow, binge watching the fun reality show is not a bad idea.

The final episode of the show which has been trending on the internet as the real life Squid Game for the past few weeks will air on 21 February.

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Who is in the cast of Physical 100?

As the name suggests, there are a total of 100 contestants in Physical 100. The cast members of the Netflix reality show includes many popular faces from South Korea such as MMA fighters, national athletes, choreographers, fitness models You Tubers, etc. The cast members of the survival show are:

Choo Sung-hoon aka Yoshihiro Akiyama – MMA fighter
Yang Hak-seon – Professional gymnast
Ma Sun-ho – Bodybuilder
Hwang Ji-hun aka Agent H – Korea Navy Warfare Special Corps soldier
Kim Ye-hyun – Former fencer
Cha Hyun-seung – Dancer , previously was a cast member in Single’s Inferno
Bang Seong-hyeok – Trainer
Son Hee-chan – Ssireum wrestler
Tarzan – Travel YouTuber
Kkang Mi – Sergeant first class reservist
Jang Seong-min – National Rugby Player
Park Jin-young – National Team Luger
Cho Jung-myung – National Team Luger
Park Jung-ho – Prison guard
Jo Jin-hyeong – Car dealer
Choi In-ho – Trainer
Florian – German fitness model and TV personality
Kim Eun-ji – Competitive fitness model and trainer
Kim Chun-ri – Bodybuilder
Jang Eun-sil – Wrestler
Shim Eu-ddeum – Fitness YouTuber
An Da-jeong – Bodybuilder
Son Hee-dong – Wrestler
Kim Byeong-jin – National Team Free Poomsae Competitor
Jeon Young – Choreographer for K- dramas
Dustin Nippert – Baseball player
Yun Sung-bin – Gold medallist at Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.
Jung Hae-min – Cyclist
Jjang Jae – Soldier
Jo Yeon-joo – Cheerleader
Elaine – Actress from Singapore
Ha Je-yong – Arm-wrestling champion
Park Hyung-geun – MMA fighter
Song A-reum and Kim Kang-min – Married Bodybuilders
Lee Dae-won – Trot singer
Park Min-ji and Lee Da-hyeon – Ssireum wrestlers
Seol Ki-Kwan – National Team Bodybuilder
Kang Han – National Athlete
Kim Sik – National Team Skeleton Coach
Jeong Bo-kyeong – National Team Judo Player
Miracle – Dancer
OVAN – South Korean rapper
Caro – Crossfit YouTuber

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