Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phase in any woman’s life, the feeling of having a look-like inside ourselves is just awesome and out of the world feeling, every woman wants to feel (want to pregnant) at least once in a life. Kick and movement of baby inside the body, add extra flavor to it.

But as we all know good things come with certain pain and challenges. The same applies to the case of Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, we all go through various types of pains like back pain, stomach ache, vomiting bouts, etc. Even many of us are fainted also due to weak body and health, i.e harmful for mother and baby both.

Therefore at that time of pregnancy, doctors advised the mother to take care of her body, but we as women (except some) follow the doctor’s instruction with our twist and do household chores as usual.

It’s good at some point because complete bed rest for nine months is not an easy task but we do some amendments in our daily routine, to keep ourselves and baby fit and healthy.

We bring some easy healthy tips that keep you fit during pregnancy.

Take Balance Diet Food

Quality food always a need for our body and during pregnancy it is a must. Always prefer to have a balanced diet meal full of fiber, protein, vitamins, calcium, and minerals, at intervals of time in a day.

May you have a feeling of vomiting while having it, but have some because some amount of nutrients surely added to the body.

A balanced diet comprises of

Milk, curd, or any dairy products: Good Source of calcium, protein and Vitamin D, help in absorption, development of mother’s spine, bones, and teeth.

Cereals: Good source of protein and important for fetus growth, immunity, child weight, and height.

Green leafy vegetables: Supply nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and iron in the body and maintain hemoglobin level and protect from anemia.

Egg or Soybeans:  Protein or omega-3 fatty acid supplier that helps in baby brain development and maintain sugar level in blood.

Nuts: Again good source of omega-3 fatty acid, boost immunity, and prevent preterm labor.

Citrus fruits: Add vitamins, fiber, and potassium level in the body that is good for healthy fetal development, uterine lining, prevent preterm labor and increase the ability to absorb irons in the body.

Cumin: Solve stomach related problems and improves digestive enzymes production.

Apple, Beetroots, and carrots: Good source of vitamin C and Vitamin A and help in immunity development, baby’s skin, bones, teeth and muscle development, and nervous system development.

Banana: Rich in vitamin B-6, fiber, and potassium and help in vomiting, morning sickness, etc.

Exercise: Important for Pregnant woman

Exercise is the best way to keep our body and mind fit and healthy and during pregnancy, it is a must for pregnant woman.

Don’t opt tiring exercises, just 10-30 minutes yoga session and mediation are enough. It improves breathing, reduces stress, relaxes the mind, manages metabolism, and increases appetite.

By consulting with doctors, do some amount of exercise regularly for good health and easy delivery.

Proper Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is important during pregnancy or at the time of pregnant. Though pains create problems in it but have it, it is a must.

Whenever you feel sleepy, go and take a nap, without giving a second thought.

Interval sleep or we can sleep after a certain time is also necessary. So, once a task is complete, take rest before moving to the next one. Trust me, it gives relaxation to the body and mind, a lot.

Read good books or novels

Elder people often say what mother do or read, the baby learns the same. I don’t know how much it affects but by following them, I recommend reading good books or novels related to spiritual, comedy, motivational, or anything which keeps mind stress-free and leaves a good impression on it.

Morning and evening walk

Walking is good for every age person and for a pregnant woman it is a free medicine with any harmful side-effects.

A simple 30 minutes walk in a lawn, garden or terrace provide a good amount of fresh air to the body that helps in food digestion, maintains blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, and most importantly lightens the mood and gives the feel-good feeling.

Tip: Prefer to walk with your soul mate or any family member, avoid alone walking.

Take Medication on time

During pregnancy or pregnant woman, doctors prescribed certain medicines for good health. Don’t forget to take it, without any delay.

Take proper food, medicine, and an adequate amount of water on time, it plays an important role during and after pregnancy.

Every woman including me wants a healthy child and smooth delivery and we surely have it by following the healthy tips mentioned above and with the support of our family and loved ones.

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Last Update: July 12, 2020